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DomOnTheGo is the new adventure travel blog highlighting the journeys experienced, destinations visited and connections made on some of the coolest adventures around the world. Dom shares these adventures with an ever-growing audience through first-hand stories, videos and photography which aims to inspire others to create adventures of their own. 

DomOnTheGo also provides its readers with adventure travel tips, destination reccomendations, transportation & accomodation options, tour company experiences and favorite outdoor gear and clothing. 


DomOnTheGo continues to show substantial movement across online industry standards metrics. Below you will find a snapshot of DomOnTheGo’s exciting growth over the last six months. (Updated Jan 2018).













Dom regularly provides 10,000+ readers and 5,000+ social media followers with adventure travel tips, destination recommendations, transportation & accommodation options, tour company experiences and favourite outdoor gear and clothing.


DomOnTheGo’s audience consists of highly educated Men (65%) and women (35%) of which 72% are between the ages of 25 and 44. 

DomOnTheGo has been read by users across 93 countries. A majority of loyal readers are based in the  United States (28%), United Kingdom (23%), Australia (5%) and Germany (4%).  (Source: Google Analytics).

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Dominic works with adventure brands to help them achieve their goals while focusing on bringing value to loyal DomOnTheGo readers. Brands have the opportunity to leverage Dominic’s sense of adventure, authority and expertise to promote messages to a growing and engaged audience.

Destination Marketing

Increase awareness for your destination and get visitors to book flights, accommodation and activities for their next adventure on the recommendation of DomOnTheGo. Engagement includes any combination of blog posts, photography, video content and social media coverage for your organisation.

Brand Ambassadorship

Leverage DomOnTheGo to promote your brand to highly qualified site readers as part of a longer-term partnership. Engagement includes any combination of media appearances, blog posts, image licensing, video content and social media coverage.


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