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I was born in a little village in Germany, moved to the United States when I was six, hopped the pond several times throughout University and made a big move to London, England for my career.

I am a Digital Marketer by trade, my favorite color is blue, and like many people the travel bug has bitten me. You could say that the constant back and forth has instilled in me a desire to see more of the world. Family vacations were not a thing growing up, but I have fond memories of the odd spring break trip to Florida to visit the beach and the amusement parks.

As a teenager, I began making trips to larger U.S. cities like New York and D.C. Exploring these cities on my own sparked a sense of independence and curiosity about the world around me. While in University, a study abroad scholarship in Germany gave me the opportunity to explore a significant number of European countries. The travel bug can of warms was open. It’s all history from there.

My desire to adventure and see the world has filled up multiple passports, taken me to over 57 countries across 6 continents, sparked a love for photography and ultimately led to the creation of DomOnTheGo.

I have never taken the opportunity to formally share my adventures. I look forward to doing just that with DomOnTheGo and hope to inspire other’s to tackle their own adventures. With DomOnTheGo focuses on the three things:

Journeys - DomOnTheGo - Small

Whether it’s things that happen along the way or just writing down thoughts – the journey is a part of the process & I’d like to share mine.

Go On A Journey


Travelling brings you to many places. What to do, what to see, tips & tricks along the way, etc. are all par the course. You’ll find those here.

Check Out A Destination

The people we meet on the road help shape our experiences. Highlights of these interesting people will feature as well.

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